Sivota - Thesprotias

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Access to Sivota

There are 3 ways to reach Sivota.

  1. By car
  2. By ship
  3. By air

By car:

By car from Athens you will get the Athens-Corinth National Highway: Athens - Corinth - Rio, Antirio - Messolongi - Arta - Ioannina - Plataria - Sivota (475 km)

By car from Thessaloniki - Sivota: Thessaloniki - Grevena - Metsovo - Ioannina - Igoumenitsa - Sivota (365 km)

With bus from Athens

You will go to the Kifissos Bus Station and purchase a ticket to Plataria where you will get off. Of course, you will have to take the Sobotos taxi and arrange for them to come and take you to the village. You will find the phones in the category

With bus from Thessaloniki (Northern Greece)

you will purchase a ticket for Igoumenitsa and from there a bus to Sivota or take a taxi from the station or even better to call the Sivota taxi and make an appointment to come get you (322 km)

By ferryboat:

The port of Igoumenitsa is mainly for passengers, with a coastal connection to both the domestic and the foreign,for cargos, trafficking is done mainly via trucks.

It is one of the most important transport hubs of Western Greece and is connected to Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice, while in the country it is connected with Patras, Corfu, Kefallonia and Paxos.

With airplane:

Thesprotia is connected by air to the neighboring airports of Ioannina (67 km), Aktio (92 km) and Corfu.