Sivota - Thesprotias

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Parga...the beauty of Epirus

Parga...the beauty of Epirus

Access does not require a boat, but it looks like an island! The reason for the amphitheatrically built, with a beautiful colorful village to "welcome" every visitor.

The coastal road with dozens of cafes, small shops and incredible view of the Ionian Sea, Paxos, Antipaxos with its blue waters have made it a "top destination" for the summer holidays.

The distance of Parga - Syvota is 25km. and one can discover beaches for all tastes.

In front of the harbor is the lush island of Panagia, which is named by the church of Panagia with the characteristic bell tower, which is located there. The top of the island adorns a beautiful French castle, built in 1808 by the French conquerors. The castle, the gate and the fortress have survived and have become one with the rich vegetation of the island.

It is not the only castle to be preserved in the area. On a hillside, at the entrance of the harbor of the city stands the Castle of Parga, which was built in 1972 for the third and last time to be impregnable until 1819. In the arched door of the entrance are distinguished the winged lion of St. Mark, "CERVASS ANTONIO 1764", emblems and inscriptions of the time of Ali Pasha. For lovers of the city`s thrilling sight, the castle has a cafeteria and often hosts exhibitions of photography as well as theatrical performances.